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Salmon Glaze

My wife loves this, and she just had me print it up for her mom, so I figured I might as well share: Salmon Glaze (use with .75-1.25 kg salmon filet) In a 150ml cup, put in: 1 teaspoon of … Continue reading

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Review: “Star Wars: The Old Republic”

Gameplay (entirely subjective – how much fun did I have?  Would I play this again?):  5.0 Visuals (graphics quality, atmosphere, realism):  7.0 Audio (includes sountrack, effects, etc.): 7.0 Storyline (writing, pure and simple):  5.0 Delivery (packaging, contents, what you get): 3.0 Technical (Did it install?  Did … Continue reading

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KPIs Part II – As Applied to a Technical Support department

This is Part 2 of a series – Part 1 can be found here So…part 2 of this series will take a look at the KPIs appropriate for a Technical Support department.  In order to arrive at what elements of … Continue reading

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Battle-Bands: table-less / mapless D&D 4e

With the oncoming death of the VT (actually, this was spurred because while insanely useful, the VT made mapmaking a HUGE pain in the ass), I was spurred to create a “mapless” battle plotter for D&D 4th Edition.  The rules … Continue reading

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Problems in Retail

I was asked recently (during an interview) what my view of the retail world was – as an open-ended question and not focused on the aspects of how to use technology to provide a solution, I stumbled over it.  It … Continue reading

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