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Heading out…

…on holiday, to return to live status on October 3rd!  I’ll be heading to Hawaii, and hope to post lots of good pics afterwards!  Meanwhile, enjoy your time and I’ll see you when I return!

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Coming up…

24 Hours of Reality – which should help anyone who still has “doubts” about climate change. Unless of course, that might shatter someone’s preciously-held fantasy that it isn’t happening…  

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If You Have Ever Used The Word Fascism In A Sentence

Then you need to watch this show. Seriously.  Watch it.  It’s an hour long, and it details the efforts of a single lawyer who attempted to stop Hitler from rising to power.  If you have the guts – and I … Continue reading

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Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing This

Today, here, it’s the 12th of September.  Yesterday, the 11th, ten years after the date of the attacks (and if you don’t know which ones I’m talking about, skip reading this), I specifically didn’t want to think about it. But … Continue reading

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The Color of Language

A really cool study was done recently, looking into the impact of linguistic definitions of color and how they affect our brains during the development of color vision. In summary, when we are born, we don’t have color vision – … Continue reading

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Well, this is a little disturbing…

Libya, now in the hands of its own people, seems to be missing over 500 surface-to-air missiles, including 480 model SA-24s, which are the Russian analog to our Stinger missiles. These are man-portable devices, and they are capable of hitting … Continue reading

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The Greatest Mind of the 20th Century

If you can bear dealing with Internet Explorer and downloading the Silverlight plugin, there are a series of excellent lectures on science (specifically physics) by Richard Feynman.  You know that old question of “who would you want to meet from … Continue reading

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