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Something from Nothing

It’s an argument I’ve heard voiced recently a little more than usual, the creationist diatribe that the Big Bang somehow implies that the universe came from nothing. Well, for starters, that particular argument is a straw-man – no one says … Continue reading

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Passing into Legend…

Today, Christopher Hitchens died. Pneumonia was the culprit, though cancer laid the groundwork and set him up for his final fall. ┬áMost famous for his vehement anti-religious stance (something that arose to prominence after the last two decades, much like … Continue reading

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Drinkers of citrus beverages (aka Mountain Dew, etc.), be careful with your quantities. A key ingredient, called Brominated Vegetable Oil, has been shown to have some potentially serious consequences. It’s used in those drinks to keep the citrus flavor in … Continue reading

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