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Fox News: if you’re a woman in the military, you can just expect to get sexually assaulted.

Wow. Apparently, it’s the responsibility of “extreme feminism” for a $113 million expenditure that the military has in place for sexual counseling for female members of the armed forces.  As if that were a bad thing. Oh wait, “Their job … Continue reading

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RP and Birth Control

I never explicitly posted about it, but I have mentioned it several times on FaceBook, the actual agenda behind the pro-life argument. It doesn’t stop with abortion.  That’s just a red-meat issue to get people to jump in line and … Continue reading

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Hoboy.  Apparently Tim Tebow thinks there’s a future for him in politics. Yeah. You know the sad thing about it?  It could happen.  Certain parts of Minnesota, or the state of Georgia Georgia, would probably be happy to shove their … Continue reading

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Last time we heard language like this…

…the discussion about it violated Godwin’s law. But you know what?  This isn’t an analogy.  This is a direct comparison. Let’s look at a quote here: “If you can think of [these people], think of them as termites eating away … Continue reading

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No more pink ribbons for me

My money for cancer research (admittedly not a large share of my income) is going somewhere other than Komen. The Susan G. Komen charity is the one that is responsible for all the tiny little pink ribbons and the various … Continue reading

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Definitely worth the re-posting

Tell your friends.  Especially if they’re 16.

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