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Problems in Retail

I was asked recently (during an interview) what my view of the retail world was – as an open-ended question and not focused on the aspects of how to use technology to provide a solution, I stumbled over it.  It … Continue reading

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Interesting article on the Costa Cruise tragedy

I saw this today, which our CEO posted as an interesting management lesson. It opened like this (partial reprinting from the link above): How would you react if you owned sunken ship Costa Concordia? I have been asking myself that … Continue reading

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Ron Paul exits Relevancy

There were plenty of other reasons why Ron Paul is unfit to be President of the United States (not the least of which is that he belongs to the Republican party – anyone who genuinely believes in a Libertarian platform … Continue reading

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Robert Reich hits it.

The contained talk (which is about an hour long – and worth every minute) details a very pressing issue about what is and is not real in America. Namely, the American Dream – and how it is going away. The … Continue reading

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