The Worst Enemy We Have Ever Faced As a Nation

It isn’t COVID-19.

It is a political party turned rancid.

How many times does Trump have to do this sort of thing before people realize he is an enemy of the United States? Whether at the behest of a foreign power or not, he is an enemy.

Trump caused the COVID-19 disaster. This can all be laid at his feet without subterfuge, without any smoke and mirrors.

He was briefed in January about Covid-19. He ignored those briefings. Same way that Bush II ignored the report “Al-Queda likely to attack with aircraft.” Same result, except with a far, far more dangerous enemy.

The death toll of his ignoring this has already exceeded the toll of our Bush II loss at 9/11.

Because unlike Bush II, this asswipe tore out our ability to respond to the problem two years before it happened, because a black man created that response team. He also reduced funding of the CDC and public health organizations across the board, to make it look like he was making an accommodation for his gigantic tax cut which still threatens our economy independently of this crisis.

It would be as if Bush II had dismissed all the Special Forces of our various military branches in Feb of 2000.

Trump’s inaction and lying about the severity of this crisis will always hang around his neck, it’ll be his albatross. Sycophantic supporters of him will share that load.

Spending weeks pretending it was a hoax, weeks wearing his idiotic MAGA hat, weeks pretending “our fifteen cases will be zero next week”, “It’ll magically just go away”, and so on, those commissions of fraud and criminal negligence will cost.

This preoccupation with “looking competent” while *being* totally incompetent will cost.

The spewing of lies on camera that fly directly in contradiction with the information from people who actually know something about fighting viruses will cost.

This fumbling about while trying to funnel cash out of the government and into rich people’s pockets will cost.

These actions and inactions will cost LIVES. Thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps MILLIONS of lives.

By the time this is over, this orange shitstain and his enablers will have managed to kill more Americans than every enemy we’ve ever fought a war with – from the British to the Spanish to the Confederacy to the Kaiser to the Axis to the N. Koreans to the N. Vietnamese to every terrorist group there’s ever been.


Today’s Republican party and its supporters have proven to be the worst national enemy the United States has ever faced.

Even today, 25.03.2020, Trump and other prominent Republicans are saying publicly that they want to end social prevention measures in order to get Wall Street moving again. They say that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of the victims of the virus in exchange for that. The Lt. Governor of Texas claims that the old should be willing to die to re-boot our economy.

That’s 8.25 million people. They are willing to let 8.25 million people die. To try to re-start stockholder’s recovery. Never mind that this wouldn’t even work, look at that number.

They mean you. You can die to help their bank accounts. Your mother. Your partner. Your child. They want you to sacrifice your life and the lives of your loved ones. For their money.

Could it be any clearer? If a foreign nation was attacking us, and was threatening to cause upwards of 8 million dead in such an attack, would we not have whipped up enough nukes against them to render their land a radioactive, glassy wasteland?

Then why are we treating the Republicans any differently?

For those of you without access to Twitter:

Update 20.12.2021:

Well, it’s been almost two years, and the news finally broke today. It turns out that I was right – the Trump administration, and the Republicans behind him, intentionally and knowingly disabled our response to the Covid virus, in the full knowledge that this was a deadly pandemic which would cost thousands upon thousands of lives. And they did so purely because they believed they would gain politically by downplaying the virus.

To date, over 800,000 Americans alone have lost their lives, and many millions more have suffered debilitating – in some cases crippling – illness as a result.

That makes Trump and the Republicans the greatest mass-murderers of people on American soil since Andrew Jackson led the genocide against the Native American tribes. No enemy in all of our history has ever killed as many citizens of the United States as Donald Trump and the Republicans.

They are already well beyond the conditions of manslaughter (gross negligence, said negligence responsible for death or serious bodily injury, thereby causing the death). Here’s the qualifiers for manslaughter:

1. Acted in a grossly negligent way, or had a duty to act and the failure to act was a result of gross negligence.

2. Said conduct/lack thereof was reasonably likely to result in serious injury or death of a person.

3. A person dies as a result.

But this is not manslaughter, it is worse. This is outright murder. Today, the House Oversight committee released a report that revealed the Trump Administration made deliberate efforts to undermine the country’s response to the Covid-19 disaster, motivated by what they perceived as an opportunity to gain politically by doing so.

In most States, one’s conduct and state of mind are what vault you up into murder charges, and that is the case here.

Depending on the State’s laws you take into account, some will be harsher than others, but the general gist of 2nd-Degree Murder is as follows:

  1. Person A causes the death of Person B. Causation in legal terms being that Person A’s conduct is a substantial factor in the death. (“Conduct” in this context is defined similarly to that of manslaughter, except that instead of negligence, it is intent, in which the accused acted in a way that exhibits intent, or had a duty to act and failed to do so as a result of the intent.)
  2. The intent referenced in (1) is the form of conduct which resulted in the death must fit with one of the following three qualifiers:
    • The conduct which caused the death was done with intention to kill people. (Let’s assume he didn’t care, so “intention to kill” is off the table.)
    • The conduct which caused the death was done with intention to inflict serious bodily injury on people (Again, let’s assume he didn’t care, so “intention of bodily injury is off the table.)
    • If the conduct exhibits conscious disregard for the extreme risk of death or serious bodily harm which it puts upon others. (This is the big one for which the Trump Administration and the Republicans backing him qualify: Trump and his people, and the Republicans behind him, knew the risk, and lied with the aim of political gain – consciously disregarding the known risk of serious bodily harm or death to the American people.)

He knew as early as Feb 07, 2020 that this virus was both highly lethal, and airborne. He intentionally downplayed this for political gain, intentionally lied to, and thereby misled the American people into believing this was “like the flu” and that it would “soon disappear”. He intentionally lied while claiming “children don’t get this disease.” He admitted to Woodward – on tape – that he deliberately minimized the danger.

Those lies, and his intentional executive action, prevented the American people and its government (whose primary roles include defending the public) from taking life-saving precautions against this deadly pandemic.

He intentionally shut down and diverted production of FFP masks, and in fact arranged with the State department under Pompeo to take our existing stocks and ship them to China. Trump’s admin knew the deadly disease was airborne, and still refused to issue orders to US manufacturers to produce needed PPE.

Using nations that did not intentionally murder their own citizens as a reference, and extrapolating for population size, it could naturally be expected that the United States would have suffered roughly 100,000 deaths as a result of Covid-19.

That means >700,000 of those who have died, did so as a result of the intentional homicide committed by the Trump Administration and the Republicans who back him.

700,000+ counts of Murder-2. It could not be clearer. This is the biggest conspiracy to mass-murder Americans in all of history.

And it isn’t over.

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23 Responses to The Worst Enemy We Have Ever Faced As a Nation

  1. ttheobald says:

    Trump has also, lately, taken to calling himself a “wartime president,” I suspect because he remembers that when Bush II was committing war crimes and being a general idiot he carried a degree of immunity for his malfeasance as a result.

    He is welcome to use that title. However, when he does the rest of us are obligated to point out that as “wartime president”, this dumb meat-head let the following happen:

    1. The “enemy” walked, unopposed, into our house while he pretended nothing was going on

    2. The “enemy” began to kill what will probably become hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of Americans, while he bitched about how the press was talking about him,

    3. GOP legislators profiteered over the “war” impact on markets while they and he downplayed the severity of it, and he said nothing

    4. After it became clear that this “war” was taking innocent American lives, he claimed he “knew it was coming all along,” as if that somehow made it better, while continuing to do nothing

    5. While the “enemy” began to rack up a kill count that would impress even Hitler, the “war president” did NOTHING to help the States which were suffering most – and simply told governors they were on their own to find assistance, “we aren’t a delivery service” I believe were his words.

    6. Appointed his moron son-in-law and intellectually-challenged VP to “head up” our response team

    7. As cities reach their full hospital capacities, this “war president” hasn’t done a goddamned thing to help other than open his lying pie-hole to spill falsehoods which have to be corrected in minutes or seconds before the lies end up killing people.


    8. He and his allies have begun to argue that we should simply let the “enemy” kill as many as it wants, because the victims aren’t “productive anyway”, and letting them die and behaving as if it isn’t happening will somehow make the stock market recover.

    I think it is safe to draw a hypothetical comparison and state that had Roosevelt been this bad, we would have been speaking German on the East Coast and Japanese on the West Coast since 1942.

    If ever there was a definition of “traitor”, modern Republicans are it.

  2. Larry Hengen says:

    Please find a way for your political posts to not end up polluting the Delphi news feed.

  3. Al says:

    I’m a REPUBLICAN and proud of it. I can make as many points of how Democrats have made a mockery of COVID-19.
    I also served 22 years in the Active Duty U.S. Military. I don’t appreciate being called a traitor. I don’t think you qualify to call me a traitor. I think you owe everyone a heartfelt apology. Your political leanings are your opinion, who gave you the right to question my political leanings? What makes you thing your opinions are more “correct” than mine?
    I served under Democrat Presidents and Republican Presidents. Don’t know where or how you’ve contributed to this country, but I can tell you this. This post certainly does not contribute.

    • ttheobald says:

      I’m a REPUBLICAN and proud of it. I can make as many points of how Democrats have made a mockery of COVID-19.”

      No, I’m afraid you can’t, because that would be lying.

      “I also served 22 years in the Active Duty U.S. Military.”

      Congrats on not dying.

      “I don’t appreciate being called a traitor.”

      Then stop supporting treason.

      “I don’t think you qualify to call me a traitor.”

      Given that you have stained the uniform with your support of un-American values and betrayed your oath to the US Constitution, I think your opinion in this matter is of little relevance.

      “I think you owe everyone a heartfelt apology.”

      See directly above.

      “Your political leanings are your opinion, who gave you the right to question my political leanings?”

      Thomas Jefforson did when he wrote the 1st Amendment.

      “What makes you thing your opinions are more “correct” than mine?”

      Real facts, observation of crimes committed, and that you support a criminal cabal that has betrayed the country in exchange for money. Those are enough to make not only your opinions wrong (simply because they are based on incorrect information), but your intentions immoral and a betrayal of the oath you took to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you would bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

      You chose a political party over your country. That invalidates goodwill you might have earned for your service, and leaves only the respect you might have earned for your knowledge specific to your MOS.

      “I served under Democrat Presidents and Republican Presidents.”

      So you did follow the third tenet of your oath, at least there’s that.

      “Don’t know where or how you’ve contributed to this country,”

      That is correct, at least. Your assumption of privilege as a result of your service is quite telling. Since when does being a service member elevate you to superiority over any other citizen? I support the USC, and as such I value all citizens equally regardless of their origin or attachment to the military.

      “but I can tell you this. This post certainly does not contribute.”

      In defense of the people of the USA, one is obligated to speak out – and calling out corruption, calling out active enemies to the country, is not just an option, it is an obligation.

      What I posted was – although admittedly containing a level of rhetoric – entirely factual. That you don’t like it is your problem. Given what you have stated above, I suggest you re-evaluate exactly what side you’re on.

      Because it certainly is not that of the country.

    • Br says:

      If you don’t want to be called a traitor stop being a traitor.
      I appreciate that you served in the military, but you’re supporting a group that’s going to kill more people than you ever saved.

    • ttheobald says:

      Hey pal, it’s been three months.

      You’re still a traitor, and we’re now >130,000 dead. Congrats on your treason, you’ve killed more people than WW2.

  4. Roland Bengtsson says:

    Well, what can I say? I am not American. I live in Finland but originally from Sweden.
    All countries have stupid people, idiots. But only USA managed to choose one as their president!

  5. Al says:

    Actually, absolutely NOTHING in your rant is factual. I’d like you to find even ONE reference to one of your QUOTES of the president saying what you say he says.

    And congrats for you too not dying. Also, please stop watching MSNBC. It’s bad for your health.

  6. Al says:

    “Your assumption of privilege as a result of your service is quite telling.”

    No it’s not privilege, but I did EARN my right to not be called a traitor, and I did earn my right to THINK for myself and not be lead by the nose of pundits on TV (MSNBC). But hey, at least I’m not an “DULT.”

    • ttheobald says:

      “I did EARN my right to not be called a traitor”

      Which you walked away from when you abdicated your oath of service by betraying your country in favor of your political party.

      “I did earn my right to THINK for myself and not be lead by the nose of pundits on TV”

      Obviously, that is mistaken, as your ‘thinking’ is cast in severe doubt given both the content and the pattern of speech you exhibit.

      “at least I’m not an “DULT.””

      I suppose that’s some form of derogatory, but I don’t have the patience to google it. Perhaps you were practicing projection and had intended to speak about being in a “cult”?

  7. Al says:

    “In defense of the people of the USA, one is obligated to speak out”

    and so I do. Rationally. But I guess that what your not so good at.

    • ttheobald says:

      “and so I do. Rationally.”


      Again, I suggest you revisit your chosen side, because so far you’re siding with the party that thinks nothing of committing treason, thinks corruption in office is just fine, and that quid pro quo is the order of the day.

      That is supporting those who would dismantle our country. And that makes you a traitor.

  8. The Romulan says:

    you are just another brainwashed liberal that thinks that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Although you mention Thomas Jefferson, you are far away from the values that he and other founding fathers had in mind.
    Your way of thinking is exactly the same of all liberals – more specifically the leftists like you – that think that whoever thinks differently should be silenced (even if pulling a trigger is necessary to make it happen).

    • ttheobald says:

      “you are just another brainwashed liberal that thinks that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Although you mention Thomas Jefferson, you are far away from the values that he and other founding fathers had in mind.”

      Apparently you have failed to read up on the Founding Fathers. And I find it incredibly funny that you go back to the trope of “you think whoever thinks differently should be silenced” – the very fact that you use it in a place where your comment is manually approved demonstrates that you are simply throwing a red herring into the mix, hoping something will stick.

      I submit to you – every single thing you have just written in this comment, you yourself are guilty of.

      The facts are not partisan. The lack of action is indisputable. Viruses don’t give a shit what color your skin or your passport or your bankbook is. Trump has abdicated his job on camera. He has done nothing to stop the spread of this “enemy”, and in fact has promoted its spread. His “back to work by Easter” is a recipe for killing hundreds of thousands of people, and is aiding said “enemy”.

      Perhaps if you took a few remedial High School classes, or perhaps even went after that GED you need, you might come to understand that.

      Once again, for reference:

  9. Peter says:

    This pile of political sh*t has no place in a Delphi news feed!

  10. Br says:

    I disagree. These words needed to be said.

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