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Hi all –

A note about commenting:  most of the time whatever you post is going to be fine, and I am pretty open about what is said here.  However, some things will get your post edited, or deleted, and a very few things will get you banned.  Those are:

1.  Trolling.  If your post exists only to stir up the crap without any appreciable contribution to the discussion, please desist.

2.  Shape-shifting.  If you change your account name just to dodge someone else’s killfile (for instance, to engage in Slagging, below), you’ll get bounced.

3.  Slagging.  If you post only to say the equivalent of “You’re a poopyhead,” save yourself the trouble.  At least say why your target is a poopyhead.

4.  Sock-puppets.  Use your own ID or name.  Posting under multiple accounts/names to try to add a feeling of consensus will get you and all your puppets banned.

5.  Spam.  Pow, gone, that’s it.

6.  General insipidity or tedium – if it takes you three pages to say something that could be said in a paragraph, or if your paragraph is three pages long, that’s going to get old.  After a couple of those I’m likely to bounce you.

That’s it.  Other than that, try to do unto others, etc. – and I reserve the right to change these rules at will.


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