BAD-A Tourney Roster notes

Okay – Tier 6 Skirmish schedule:


We would like to get some Tier 6-8 opposition on Skirmishes, so please join us and try your best to crack some skulls, force us to play as a team.  So please, if you can spare some time on those nights, come in and give us hell!

Skirmish meetings 11pm UK time Tue/Weds/Thurs/Fri – we’ll play for 1-2 hours and then do counts for fun, LIVE GAME ON SAT

SATURDAY ATTENDANCE: Please arrive 1h early for the game

Team Leader Cherry2Blost   FUSO
Verticalflyer   MUTSUKE
ArcticStrike   FUSO
Millhammer   CLEVE
Azrael_Ashemdion            FARRAGUT default, fill in with CLEVE if needed
Yak52   CLEVE maybe RYUJO if skirmish demonstrates it is good
Welshy   CLEVE
Slythe   CLEVE
Bushwhacker   Floating replacement with CLEVE or FUSO (IceWyvern has some issues that may prevent attendance on Sat)
IceWyvern   FUSO

Please observe quiet channel rules 30m before game to end of game.  Only speak if necessary or totally uncontrolled :). Team Lead call-for-quiet is paramount.

we may have some changes as the tournament progresses, and we may bring other members in from outside
these groups to replace those with other commitments etc, note that one player may ONLY play in either T5 or T6 teams, throughout the event.

Team distribution:
CORE: 3 Fuso w/spotters in Arrow Formation with team lead making the call
3 Cleveland front and flanks – please coordinate amongst yourselves who is using their AA cooldown and shuffle position as needed

Ryujo if we have one, FIGHTER heavy

Mutsuke DD – you are eyes and the ninja here – spot the enemy and DO NOT FIRE, just get the f*** out of there and let the Fusos melt the spotted enemy.

Mid- to late-game, team lead may unleash the DDs for mop-up duty

IF YOU DIE – focus your attention on a friendly driving same ship and give him eyes over his shoulders, minimap, etc.

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