Helga the Tiger – is up for sale

Well, with shelf space at a premium here, and a new E25 on the way, I’m going to put Helga up for sale – she was a lot of fun and a good ode to World of Tanks.  I really liked the contest idea (and I’m still trying to figure out who slammed 500 votes on me practically overnight at the end there), and I think she’ll make a great addition to someone’s PC desk or bookshelf.

I’m considering something like €150 + shipping, and I’m open to offers if that seems to steep.  I’ll pack her up well and make sure she’s insured as well.  The full build log will remain here, so the new owner can see the process that went into the build.

Here’s the photo essay again for those who don’t have the link.


The one, the only - it's Helga!

The one, the only – it’s Helga!


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