Expose the Koch Scam

Watch the video below.  Senator Bernie Sanders is finally taking the fight to the octupus and the funding behind the right-wing talk machine.

The Koch brothers want your money – they want to STEAL it.  The entire “privatize” argument is to take your money, and stick it in a vulnerable market where they can then arrange for you to lose the gamble.  They’ve invested a lot of cash already in making sure you aren’t paying attention when they do it.

The entire 401(k) idea sprang from this.  Now, they’re after the trillions that pass through the Social Security program.

It’s time to put their efforts to an end.  In case you weren’t paying attention, this is the kind of maneuver that will end up killing you, because someday soon you’re going to find yourself retired, without money, and you will simply starve to death or freeze.


I’d clap and cheer if someone put a bullet in the eye of both of the Koch brothers.  As with Jerry Falwell – sometimes death can be a good thing.

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