Happy birthday, Delphi :)

Back on Feb 14 in 1994, a long-awaited event took place – Borland’s “Turbo Pascal” got a revamp on its entire genome, and a new species of tool was born: Delphi. Other tools existed in a similar fashion at the time (most notably Visual Basic v3 and PowerBuilder), but none of them were nearly as fast or as capable as Delphi. Right out of the block you knew this tool was going to be the new gold standard of development systems.

It’s still running strong today – though not as noticeable in the market, mainly because the owners of the system don’t have the deep pockets that its competitors do. That’s always been the case, though. Microsoft always had more cash and BS to fling around, so what did we do?

We forced them to become us.

Much like when Rome conquered Greece, Greek culture won the overall battle. Visual C# from Microsoft is, for all intents and purposes, a fork of Delphi – looking at the code of the two, you can see how easily the two compare. However…

Today Delphi isn’t just about Windows – with it, you can target Windows, Linux, Android, and even (*hurk!*) Apple devices. I’ve even begun messing around getting it to talk to Arduinos lately.

I have to say, 25 years on, it’s still a rocking platform.

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  1. Hmmm… AFAIK, that was 1995, but I may be wrong.


    So still a birthday, but not 25 years.

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