If it wasn’t decided in your mind already, it should be now.

That is, that it is time the Republican party to go extinct.

And kudos to at least a few of the milquetoast Dems for finally calling a spade a spade and taking the fight to them.  Anthony Weiner – prior to demonstrating his sexual frustration in view of the public – was chasing down Clarence Thomas’ corruption.  Now, Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is finally pointing out the emperor’s nakedness on air.  I’ll get into that in a moment.

The GOP is responsible for:

  • Ballooning the debt of our country to astronomical levels – courtesy of two wars fought off the books of the annual budget, $700 BILLION in tax cuts for the rich, and a drug program that steals money from our tax dollars to line the pockets of Big Pharma.
  • Did I mention wars?  Wars that have cost us thousands of lives of our troops – and tens of thousands of cripplings, maimings, and other exceedingly expensive medical cases into the future.  I won’t even get into the hundreds of thousands (arguably millions)of innocent civilians who have been killed in these conflicts for the crime of merely living there.  Allow me to refresh your fucking memory:

    NY Times: Samar Hassan, 5, moments after her parents were gunned down while taking her brother to the hospital.

  • Countless instances of corruption and vice crimes.  My mention of Anthony Weiner up there?  Think he was correctly pressured to resign?  Then how about the moral shithole (good thing he’s into wearing diapers) that is David Vitter, who still occupies a seat (and not one in the men’s room)?  How about John Ensign and his cronies who tried to cover his affairs up (i.e., Senator Coburn)?  After all, Weiner’s Weiner never broke any law, despite being morally on the wrong side of the tracks.  Vitter and Ensign broke the law, not just once, but numerous times.
  • Racism beyond compare, starting in 2006 when they decided (foolishly) to try to make illegal immigrants a major talking point in order to energize their base.  In spite of costing themselves the Latino vote for probably the rest of eternity (definitely a case of short-term myopia), they continue to double-down on their insane xenophobia.
  • Domestic terrorism.  Lots of it.  Since 2008, right-wing rhetoric has served to stir up their lunatic fringe and has resulted in at least 24 various terrorist attacks and bombing attempts.
  • Attempts across the country to deny our citizens the right to assemble and have their voices heard as a group, when they want to speak out on their own working conditions.  Most notably, in Wisconsin.

And now, they are threatening planning to destroy the US economy, in order to further their own personal agendas.  In their maniacal pursuit of the defeat of President Obama in 2012, they have adopted a scorched-earth policy that threatens the foundations of the United States itself.  I’m referring, in this case, to the idiotic theater surrounding the raising of the debt ceiling.

Just in case you didn’t know, the ceiling was raised on several occasions between 2001-2008, to the sound of crickets chirping in the background.  And the occasional chuckle from Cheney, who, if you’ll recall, specifically stated “Reagan proved deficits don’t matter,” and “This is our due.”

Where this party might once have actually stood for something correct – I for one consider myself one to look before I leap, which is what I would consider a sane conservative attitude – the GOP now is an empty shell of its former self.  In fact, the best word I can think of to describe it is treasonous.  To actively seek harm to the United States in order to further one’s own goals is treason.  The GOP does this routinely and structurally – and now they threaten everyone.

Because the consequences of default are severe.

This is what the GOP is threatening us with.  In case you didn’t realize it before, they are the “Fifth Column,” working their hardest to bring down this country.

Here’s Schumer’s comments at a speech to the EPI last week.

It’s time to take the fight back to them.  The GOP – and “Movement Conservatism” in general -needs to be extinguished.


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