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Shame.  Shame.  Shame.

In a particular moment where Trump and Cruz are dominating the news about the GOP, I want to call attention to Lindsey Graham. Not because of anything special about him, no, but specifically because of something very mundane about him:

Even though he hates Ted Cruz, he still supports him against Donald Trump.

Now this strange circumstance is what I want to point to – because it’s not unique to him, it’s just that he’s a very visible public face of the malady. Sooooo many people “support” the Republican party. And I have asked this for literally DECADES:

Why? What is in there that appeals to you?

Anything that might have been “grand” in the GOP is dead, people. It’s not like you’re rooting for the Cubbies, who despite having not won a World Series in over a century, still can play baseball pretty damned well. The Republican party, well, it just isn’t. The party is over, people. Today it represents the most un-American, and for that matter inhuman, sides to practically every argument that demands government policy. If we were to scrub off the names and compare it to parties in the 1930s, it would be virtually indistinguishable from the National Socialists.

But we still see people like Lindsey Graham, who for some indecipherable reason can’t let go. It’s like watching people who have been conned for ages continue to phone into their 1-900-psychic hotline, “because they’re my friends, they know me!” Or keep paying money to television preachers, “because God needs my money and HE will see to it that I win the lottery!”

So…faced with the choices in front of him, Graham chooses a man who would very likely be the worst president this country has ever seen. Worse than George W. Bush. Instead of Trump, because of course (borrowing from Bill Maher) while Cruz might be our worst – Trump might be our last.

But what he doesn’t see is that there is another choice, one even more viable and one which would actually SERVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE COUNTRY.

Oh my, what choice is that, you ask?

Here it is: DISAVOW the Republican party!

Pretty damned simple, hey??  Believe it or not, it is.  Un-register as a Republican and make it publicly known that you will not stand by any candidate who espouses the vile and repugnant opinions voiced by the current lineup.  Let the world know that you refuse to align yourself with those voices.

But what did he do instead?  He held his nose, aimed his finger to pick, and supported a candidate who would be a terrible blow to our country’s future, our standing in the world, and our people.  A candidate who stands for the most un-Christian values wrapping himself in the mantle of a fanatic sect of Christianity that most who claim the label “Chrisitan” would view as heretical, evil, and ugly.

Look, people, no one is saying you have to line up at the polls to vote for Hillary.  Or that you have to “feel the bern.”

But I, and by collective inference WE, the rest of the American people, are saying that we expect you to be better human beings than this.  And when you continue to either vocally claim the Republican label, or by your silence you do not condemn the Republican party for its slide into evil, we lump you in with them.  You are supporting an evil regime, and you deserve all the shame and repudiation that such support earns you. 

And while we, the rest of the American public, your friends and your family, respect your right to hold your opinions and your views, we do not have to respect you for holding them.

Because when you support such a hideous mockery of not only our people’s country, but of history itself, you don’t deserve respect.  You deserve condemnation and ridicule right alongside the fanatical and evil tyrants that want to become the next President of the United Republican States.

Shame on you.

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