Terms I’ve coined…

I just finished reading a blog post over at Coding Horror regarding that author’s top-30 favorite new terms, and I was sad to see that none of mine made it in, so here’s the first three I can remember:

“Borked”, of course – the term you use in polite company (such as a boardroom) indicating that the code or system to which you refer is in a state of total fucked-uppedness. 

“Deployarrhea” – the long, wet string of deployments that result from releasing a critical bug, then borking the fix, then realizing you’ve just dropped a Hindenbug, and so on and on.

“Bedsheet” – code that spawns soooooo many threads that it might as well be knitted into a blanket, since it locks the computer and sends it to sleep.

Have you come up with any?  Feel free to drop them in the comments and I’ll push them out here.

P.S. – I find it mildly humorous that this is page 666 of this site 🙂

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