Okay, I’ve had just about enough of the retards.

Mississippi seems crammed full of them, and mostly in the Republican legislature.  Surprise, surprise.  Allow me to introduce you to “Initiative Measure 26”, which, in short, proposes to classify any fertilized egg (whether cloned, in-vitro’d, or just plain sexed up) as a “person.”  i.e., as a full human.

Sorry, folks, but that’s simply, undeniably, NOT TRUE.  It’s a purely specious fiction driven by someone who wants to put public face to their fake piety.  A single cell does not represent a person.  By that definition of “humanity”, each and every one of us flushes away more humanity than most abortions every time we take a dump.  Think that over.  Furthermore, no person, regardless of age, race, nationality, sexual orientation or faith position has any right to claim any part of another person – and what this law is paving the way for is that such a claim can be made.  Specifically, “this person needs your body in order to survive.”  If you agree to that logic, then sign yourself up for a kidney donation right now – because there’s someone who needs it, and you can supply it to save their life.

Litmus test:  you’re in a burning building, and you see in the room a terrified little girl crying for her mommy, and a cooler with five frozen embryos on ice.  You can save one, the other will burn.  Choose.

Once and for all:  get your dumb-fuck religion out of the courthouse, you fraudulent retards.  I’ve gone on at length about how absolutely moronic you have to be to believe in that stupid shit – and the sad part is watching otherwise-smart people compartmentalize so they can “believe in it” – but that shit has absolutely no place in determining public policy.  Or polite society, for that matter.

My CAT can make better decisions than someone trying to come up with something out of the bible.  Speaking of which, anti-abortion language is not to be found in the bible.  There’s only one law regarding aborted pregnancy in there, and it only specifies that if you hit a woman, and she is with child, and she miscarries, then you have to pay compensation to her husband.  Mull that one over for a minute.  It’s a construct of the misogynistic attitudes of conservative Christians to rile up their political base.   Damn, do you people ever fucking read that stupid book?

Let me point out something:  if you honestly, genuinely give a shit about the lives of babies, then do something about the infant mortality rate.  Blow all that advertising money and lobbying money (hint, hint, do you see a little reason right there why this issue continues to get its horn blown?)  on helping poor people feed their babies, on medicine for them, or better still, on getting them free access to birth control so they won’t have to have babies in the first place.

The answer is this:  break the cycle.  Don’t make it worse.

UPDATE:  as of 9 November, the voters of Mississippi turn out to be considerably smarter than their moron legislators.  It would seem that when voters, even Republican voters, are shown their Republican legislators’ true agenda, they reject it.  Which of course spawns the question – why in the world would anyone continue to associate with the ass-clown Republican party when they can simply drop it?

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3 Responses to Okay, I’ve had just about enough of the retards.

  1. Jessi Peterson says:

    I could not agree with you more, Tom, but I do have to take exception to your use of the word “retard”. It’s one of those words that we use without thinking, but it is a word with a hurtful history for the developmentally disabled. We’ve moved away from using pejoratives to denote race, creed, gender, and orientatio. I think we need to extend the same consideration to those with developmental differences.

    That being said, feel free to call these dipsticks in Mississippi ego maniacal, blowhard piss-poor excuses for brains. Wish I could say we’re doing better here in the North, but we have a pushy little dictator want-to-be for a governor. Send out some good thoughts to the universe for recall – petitions start November 15th.

    Cousin Jess

  2. ttheobald says:

    Hmm…to a certain degree I concur. I’ll leave the post above alone to preserve the chain of conversation, but I’ll try to avoid over-using the term in the pejorative sense in the future. Morons works just as well, I suppose, and given that they choose their moronic natures, the subjects of my diatribe aren’t legitimately classifiable as genetically so.

    That seem reasonable enough?

  3. Perfectarc says:

    We live in a nation of idiots. Look the other way as investment bankers and televangelists bilk you out of billions, but under no circumstance let anything happen to an embryo. We live in a nation of irrational, illiterate, under-educated morons. If one of these crazy Dominionists by chance makes it to the White House next year you can kiss our country goodbye for the last time.

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