So, in the 21st Century, when technology and science are here to stay…

…the Republican Party considers Rick Perry to be one of their top minds to run the country?

Here’s what the Republican Party is about, folks – like it or not, they are anti-science.  As anti as they come.  As an example, Rick Perry’s climate denial not only is a personally held belief (batshit crazy as it may be), it is the official policy of the Texas state government under his leadership to alter and falsify scientific findings that conflict with the climate denial theme.

Don’t believe it?  Take it from the mouths of the scientists themselves – all 200+ of them – who just withdrew their names from a landmark climate study because Perry’s appointees scrubbed it of factual data and accurate conclusions that conflicted with their anti-climate-change ideology.  

In an age where science and information is king, lying about science should be a capital offense.  And the Republicans are supreme liars when it comes to science.





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