Didn’t Think I’d Be Writing This

Today, here, it’s the 12th of September.  Yesterday, the 11th, ten years after the date of the attacks (and if you don’t know which ones I’m talking about, skip reading this), I specifically didn’t want to think about it.

But I couldn’t.  Know why?  Because a bunch of jerk-off conspiracy theorists were having a little shindig in the middle of Wencelas’ Square as Misa and I were walking by.

You know, if you want to make up stories about conspiracies, you go right ahead.  But keep that dumb shit to yourselves, please.  It’s bad enough that we had Conservatives, war profiteers running our country turn that event into the biggest fiasco and literally hand Bin Laden his desired victory as they did, but to see a bunch of dumb fucks wander around masturbating up the idea that it was all some kind of inside job a-la the Long Kiss Goodnight, is shameful.  Seriously, it’s shameful.  Not just that, but it’s dumb as a bag of hammers.  And if you buy into it, sorry, but you’re having a moment of profound DUMB.

Here’s why:

1. To assume that the attacks were some sort of massive conspiracy theory implies a few exceedingly improbable things:

a.  The crews and passengers of 4 jumbo-jets were subverted and/or complicit without leaks

b.  The towers were laden up with explosives which would have had to have been

i.      perfectly placed to collapse the towers, and

ii.      set up with enough armor/protection that they would survive the collision and conflagration of a jumbo-jet impact, and

iii.      no one noticed the demolitions being set

iv.      no one who set the demolition charges spoke out

(Seriously, have you ever watched one of those Discovery Channel programs where they take down an old Vegas casino?  That is really hard, precision work, and it takes a LOT of explosives, plus the right kind of detonation plan, and sheltered/shaped shields to channel the explosion.  If you don’t get that, you get a lopsided fall, and the building crashes into others and makes a bigger mess.

And these monumentally, profoundly stupid FUCKS think that someone can pull this off on the TWIN-FUCKING-TOWERS, eight years after someone tried already to blow them up, pull it off while not being noticed, and have all their work survive having a goddamned jumbo jet flown into them???  What kind of stupid genetic defective do you have to be to give that even a shred of credence?)

c.  The staff of the Pentagon were considered ‘expendable’

d.  Bush, Cheney, and their entire administration, being complicit, never produced a single leak

i.      This would imply that Bush actually accomplished something that he set out to do, I might add, which flies in the face of his otherwise spotless record of Epic Fail

2.  To present the attacks as some kind of massive conspiracy theory is to denigrate the deaths of not only the 3,000-odd people who died that day, but the thousands of our troops who were killed over the ensuing years in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the hundreds of thousands of civilians who also have lost their lives in those conflicts.

What do I feel when looking at the last ten years?

Ashamed.  Angry.  Frustrated.

Ashamed that when presented with a terrible tragedy and the unified spirit that formed behind it around the world (remember that part?  Where the Entire Known World got behind us after the attacks?) got pissed away with the Republican mantra of “move along here, just go shopping or something.”

Angry that the Republicans turned 9/11 into a pageant of criminality – the presentation of Giuliani and Kerik, Bush himself, and the rest as if they were some kind of heroes.  The free hand they got from the press while they did.  The use of the tragedy to spark an invasion of a country that had nothing to do with the attacks, and slay thousands upon thousands of their citizens.  Who were innocent.  Who didn’t attack us.  Whose only crime was being born to live in a repressive society under Saddam Hussein or the Taliban.  We murdered them.

(Side note:  and what really makes me want to punch dumbass conservatives in the mouth is their mind-numbingly stupid tripe about how ”they hate us fer our freedums!”  No, fuckwits, it ain’t our freedums they hate, they hate us because we blew up their children in the middle of their wedding, we slaughtered their entire family while they were driving their sibling to the hospital, we bombed their church in the middle of a service.  By reliable estimates, one of every twenty-five people has been killed violently in Iraq in the last ten years.  Four more have been forced to leave as a refugee.  And you dumb shits really think this won’t cause one or two of them to stop and think, “Hey, if those fucking Americans weren’t blowing shit up left and right, we might have only had to dodge Hussein and his goons.”)

Frustrated, that our country could have led the world forward in a fantastic opportunity to bring everyone together – we could have been on top of the world.  Instead our country became an international pariah, an outlaw nation.  We’ve staggered away from being massively successful to being on the brink of ruin thanks to a decade of Republicans stealing our tax dollars and paying them out to the richest people in the country, and there are not-so-rich people who seem to think that’s jolly good for everyone.  Frustrated because when the attacks took place, Bin Laden literally said he hoped the attacks would cause us to spiral into financial and moral ruin.  Which, in case you hadn’t been watching the news, we promptly did, led into the pit by Bush, Cheney, and their cadre of chickenhawk sadists.  Bin Laden won there, he beat the Republican “National Security” myth like a red-headed stepchild.

So yeah, I think that 9/11 should be remembered, all right.  I think it should be the red flag in which we wrap the burnt body of Conservatism and the Republican Party before we finally bury it.  I think it should be the example we hold up and show to our grandchildren and say, “See, this is how terrible even good people can be when they lose sight of reality in their anger.  Always value your anger, but temper it, and always make sure to direct it at the ones who deserve it.  Because if you are not careful, you can hurt a great many people who don’t deserve it.”

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