Religion and Society, sorry – no, they don’t mix.

Looky, a brainless pastor decides he knows all the answers!  A national registry for atheists!  Because, you see, it’s just like having a national registry for sex offenders.

Should we pin a big “A” on our jackets, too, so we’ll be easier to round up and put on the trains later?

Pastor Mike, you are an example of precisely why religion needs to exit civilized society.  You are plainly insane, and from where I sit, dangerously so.  And it’s your religion that has made you this way.

Hopefully some of you out there who think Christianity is a “good” thing will take more than a few hints from this – this idiot is why we’re not simply sitting around ‘closeted’ any longer.  We’ve had quite enough, and even though many remain silent out of fear for themselves, it’s time to put an end to this Santa-Claus-for-Grownups bullshit.  Remember, this asshole is suggesting boycotts and harassment for starters, and you can bet your ass many of his parishoners wouldn’t think twice before committing vandalism or other violence.  Because, you know, Jesus will forgive them all their sins.

Especially if Pastor Mike is the mouthpiece.

Remember – every dollar you drop in that plate supports people like this.  Maybe not directly, but this insanity spreads far too easily.  And you are personally responsible for what you endorse.


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