Ron Paul exits Relevancy

There were plenty of other reasons why Ron Paul is unfit to be President of the United States (not the least of which is that he belongs to the Republican party – anyone who genuinely believes in a Libertarian platform cannot, in good conscience, stand by the Republicans).  A fast look at his voting record – the insinuation of prayer into schools, the laissez-faire economic policies, his insistence that the government should be interfering in the choices women make about the health of their own bodies, any of these should – and do – disqualify him from serious consideration.

But as of yesterday, we have a new one.  What is it, you might wonder?

It is this:  that we should just leave disaster victims to fend for themselves.  That the government’s response to natural disaster should amount to: “fuck ‘em.”

In his own words:  “We should be like 1900; we should be like 1940, 1950, 1960, I live on the Gulf Coast; we deal with hurricanes all the time. Galveston is in my district.”

For those of you not familiar with Galveston, it was, until 1900, the busiest port in the entire Gulf of Mexico.

Until it got leveled by a hurricane.  Leveled?  Leveled.  Somewhere between 6,000 and 12,000 people were killed overnight, including about half of the family of the US Weather Bureau’s section director – Isaac Cline – who had insisted adamantly that not only did Galveston not need a sea-wall, but that no storm of significance could actually hit the island.  Oops.  For a good recounting, I highly recommend the book “Isaac’s Storm” (link below – full disclosure: that’s an affiliate link, and if you buy a copy I’ll probably make fifty cents or a buck).

But back to the topic – Ron Paul basically thinks we waste money in weather warnings, in disaster response.  He wants budget cuts in exchange for hurricane relief.  Do you realize how fucking mercenary that is?  He’s holding victims of disaster hostage to political ends.  And they’re not even smart ends, they’re ideological bullshit.

Sorry, Ron, but here’s a big message from the rest of us who believe in the phrase “United we stand, divided we fall”:

Fuck you.

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