Regarding the Libyan rebellion

An unrecognized link needs to be brought to light with regard to Libya.  Bear with me, we’ll get there.

During the summer of 2010, an unprecedented drought and heat wave cruised across the Russian bread-basket.  That drought and heat wave were a result of climate change.  It also sent wheat yields plummeting – and drove the global price of wheat, a common commodity, way up.

Approximately 70% of the diet in North Africa consists of bread.

Food insecurity is a common cause of conflicts, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff recognized this several years ago.  They even spoke out about it last year.

The Libyan rebellion – and many of the others that have rocked the region these last few months – began with food protests and riots.

In the case of Libya, there was also another problem – water insecurity.  Libya has been drying out, giving more ground to desert, and this has knock-on effects in food insecurity and causes localities to suffer friction against one another (a fact that Quaddafi has taken advantage of, playing tribes off against one another for decades).

When Tunisia blew, it sparked Cairo, which sparked Libya.

This is exactly the socio-political outcome predicted by climate change scientists more than 30 years ago.

So all you folks who love to think that climate change is just some big hoax that puts money in the pockets of scientists, I got a couple points for you:

  • Scientists get paid, regardless of their findings.  Pro or con, they get paid for research, not outcomes.
  • Scientists care about what happens to their kids*.  As a result, they prefer to see the world become a better place.
  • It should follow for even the most addle-brained fool that when scientists sound an alarm bell about something, it’s probably because of the second point.

This set of events should be viewed with severe alarm by everyone who connects these dots.  Because the winds of climate change haven’t finished blowing.  India and Pakistan could just as easily been part of all this.

And unlike these North African nations, both of them hate one another already.  Both of them have fought wars over contested territory (Kashmir).

And both of them have nukes.


(*contrary to the average Red-stater or his/her congressional mouthpiece, who seem to think “it’s not happening” or “la la la” are appropriate responses, or at best who want to have things just stay the same as they are.)

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