While we’re on the subject of cancer…

It’s worth noting that Japanese children who were in the vicinity of the Fukushima reactor meltdown are going to be tested for cancer for the rest of their lives.

Think about that.  The reactor was built and operated with fraudulent safety test results (decades worth).  It had fuel stores far greater than those of Chernobyl.  Many times greater.

So when someone tries to pitch nuclear as a totally safe option – it isn’t.  That’s not to say it’s something that automatically should be dismissed, it isn’t.  It’s a valid power source.  But if you get someone trying to paint it as all rosy and perfect, they’re full of shit.  Worse, they probably have a vested interest – either financial or ideological – in seeing it happen.

For now, my money’s on geothermal and solar.  Wind too.

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  1. Anne Romine says:

    Kind of like capital punishment…some could get behind the theory — but who could ever be trusted to implement it? Hmmm..

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