You probably didn’t realize this…

…but Rupert Murdoch’s paper in the UK, News of the World, was responsible for one of the biggest cases of phone-hacking there’s ever been outside of NSA wiretapping.

From the appearance of the case (which is now ten years old), practically every person of note in the UK was hacked, their voicemails listened to, etc.  The case just took another turn recently.

This is a Murdoch property.  If you think for a minute that Fox isn’t doing something similar in the USA, I’ve got five bucks says they are.  If not them, then certainly the other Murdoch properties (newspapers, etc.) in the empire.  The NewsCorp properties have no journalistic standards – and it should be obvious that ethics runs short there as well.

Call it a counter-advert – and I find it really interesting that this never made a peep in the US press cycle.  Where’s that “liberal media,” folks?

Answer:  long gone.  Been dead since Reagan.

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