An Open Letter to Senator Richard Burr of NC, 18.10.2019

This letter was submitted through Burr’s own website a short while ago. I invite you all to write similar letters to your Republican Senators, and to share this liberally among your friends and acquaintences:

Okay, you buffoon.

I warned you about this over a year ago. I told you that you could be the “voice of reason” in opposing Trump. What did you do? You sat on your goddamned hands. While he praised Nazis. While he ruined our air and water. While he racked up literally DOZENS of crimes against the American people. Why? BECAUSE HE WAS A REPUBLICAN, and you filthy traitors would rather support one of your own than support America.

You’re a goddamned traitor. Right alongside each and every one of your colleagues.
And now, the crowning glory of your inaction.

We had Syria completely under control. We had ISIS almost entirely on the ropes, courtesy of Obama. Oh, but you can’t possibly handle having the success of a black man look good, can you?

In ONE DAY, you, the Republicans, turned Syria into a devastating Saigon evacuation, courtesy of Trump and your refusal to take him and Pence to task.

ISIS prisoners are freed, the group is re-forming as I write this.

We are air-striking OUR OWN bases because our troops didn’t have time to evacuate properly. RUSSIA, our worst fucking enemy on the globe, is occupying the bases we didn’t have time to destroy – and very likely their intel corps is poring over all the valuables left over in them.

Turkey is threatening those troops who are trapped in the area. (Fucksake, a third-rate shitty country like Turkey? A former ally? SHOOTING AT US?) Our allies are being massacred in what will be viewed by history as a Turkish genocide. Enabled by you.

FIFTY OF OUR NUKES are being held hostage in Turkey. Turkey may very well become a nuclear-armed fuckball country with our own captured weapons.

This is the result of a TRAITOR PRESIDENT, and a treasonous party supporting him.

Which includes you – who knowingly stood by while this traitor betrayed us almost daily. Who knowingly overlooked damning information about the man, overlooked that he betrayed the USA, simply because he was in your political party.

You execrable filth. You are almost worse than he is. At least he’s doing it for personal gain. You’re doing it for no better reason than the preference for one football team over another.

Each and every Trump supporter has a price to pay. Those who had a chance to stop him and refused the greatest of them all. I call on you to remember how Germany ended, how its leadership was treated once they were subdued. There were an awful lot of trials, convictions, and nooses at the end of that story.

The time remaining for you and your filthy pack of vermin to do the right thing is fast running out. The evidence will come out. It always does. And when it does, those who refused to stand up for our country will be held accountable.

I’m giving you a benefit of the doubt that you really don’t deserve, in assuming you are still debating the choice. If I’m right, you’d better choose soon, pal. Because the torches and pitchforks are selling out at Amazon.

And the 21st-Century Nuremberg trials are coming.


Edit: corrected location Hanoi for Saigon

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