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Hmm…something is fishy in downtown Rome…

The title is rhetorical, I suspect a great many people feel the same way.  Walk with me down a little logic path here. I hope it is a well-known fact that when people are taught to value one thing over … Continue reading

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I knew there was a reason…

To hate Apple.  Just couldn’t put my finger on it till now. This is why I can’t stand Apple, and why I don’t own an iPhone.  Congrats, Apple fans, you’ve been duped.  You guys gotta realize that Apple is like … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad…

Okay, first the bad news:  all you people playing video games non-stop are screwed.  Apparently playing extensively shrinks your cognitive brain.  Sorry, that’s pretty rough.  I mean, at least playing while drunk won’t… Oh, crap. Okay, so all those folks … Continue reading

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Review: “A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906”

Quality of Information: 10 Delivery: 8 This book was written a few years ago, and I purchased it while living in the UK for use as a pass-time during the winter. I have to start out by saying that Simon … Continue reading

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If you’re in London and looking for a job…

Bubblejobs is showing the openings at PrismaStar (aka – my current employer). Two years ago I wouldn’t have recommended it, but having started back with them six months ago, I think things have changed. Check them out, and I’ll answer … Continue reading

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Review: Logitech diNovoEdge Keyboard

Usability: 8 Features: 8 Appearance: 9 Overall: 8 Well, after a thoroughly disappointing time with the Logitech Gaming Keyboard, I replaced it last week with the diNovoEdge.  I’d read some reviews of it and it seemed to be getting positive … Continue reading

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