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Also, NSFW. Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Ad – watch more funny videos

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Wow. Republicans and Foreign Policy.

What a bunch of cartoon characters.  Seriously. To sit around and listen to Michelle Bachmann bloviate about how nations we have “liberated” should compensate us must have drained every Republican on the planet of any extra neurons they had left.  … Continue reading

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If You Have Ever Used The Word Fascism In A Sentence

Then you need to watch this show. Seriously.  Watch it.  It’s an hour long, and it details the efforts of a single lawyer who attempted to stop Hitler from rising to power.  If you have the guts – and I … Continue reading

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Ron Paul exits Relevancy

There were plenty of other reasons why Ron Paul is unfit to be President of the United States (not the least of which is that he belongs to the Republican party – anyone who genuinely believes in a Libertarian platform … Continue reading

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Or, more aptly, Traitors-Are-Texas. Which is about the right grammar structure for Texas’ school system, I’d think. What am I on about here…well, it’s this Rick Perry fellow.  You know, one of the folks who was just recently announced as … Continue reading

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Yet another reason…

…why Teabaggers in general should just be prohibited from participating in any form of government: They are dishonest fools. Fools – because they buy into the whole creationism line of bullshit.  As if it wasn’t among the stupidest forms of … Continue reading

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Robert Reich hits it.

The contained talk (which is about an hour long – and worth every minute) details a very pressing issue about what is and is not real in America. Namely, the American Dream – and how it is going away. The … Continue reading

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If it wasn’t decided in your mind already, it should be now.

That is, that it is time the Republican party to go extinct. And kudos to at least a few of the milquetoast Dems for finally calling a spade a spade and taking the fight to them.  Anthony Weiner – prior … Continue reading

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Time for a major overhaul of the SC Justices

As of today, the Conservative branch of the US Supreme Court has declared war against the common citizen of the United States.  It’s been common knowledge that the right-leaning branch of the court was weighed down with ideology over actual … Continue reading

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Nice to see the Teabagger king exposed as a moron.

In chambers, Rand Paul demonstrated just what a dumb fuck he is, by making the claim that by de-funding the OAA the government would save money.  Just like every other moron Teabagger, he fails to see more than thirty seconds … Continue reading

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