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Long time gamer and model maker who after a 20 year absence is back in the chair. Loving going back to wargaming and building things. My main projects at the moment are naval in nature due to a love of World of Warships but I am branching out with some old models and also some new aeroplanes which were a big focus when I was youger (a lot younger!). Amazed at the quality of the new kits I have bought - seems Tamiya's quality of old has pushed all to make better kits. This has meant a steep learning curve in the area of photo etch and I will let you give me your feedback on the results.

Z-Plan Update

Been a busy summer but managed to get enough time in to do some more modelling on my Prinz Eugen. Still learning on the old photo etch and the best ways to work this stuff but getting there for most … Continue reading

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Graf Spee Update

Quick update on the Graf Spee build – after many days of working on the photo etch rails and the general building got things to a point I was ready to finish the model.  Have to say that this trumpeter … Continue reading

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The Z Plan

FLEET BUILD LOG 1 I have recently joined Theo here to post about all things gaming and modeling.  my main focus will be on the modeling side for now though.  So I thought I would put up my first post … Continue reading

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